Ashman Repair Services Inc. is a fully licensed and insured machinery and power tool repair company, currently located in Burlington, Ontario.  

Established in 1945 as Ashman Tools, the primary focus was to both service and sell wood shop tools and equipment.  Successful through the years, Ashman was involved with both local contractors and school workshops.

 As business grew and times changed,  Ashman Tools became Ashman Repair Services and a new ownership was formed.  With a new owner at the helm, Ashman Repair Services would continue to grow the repair & service sector, using customer service and quality workmanship as their guides. 

In 2017, Ashman Repair Services became incorporated to both enhance and build on the services that has long supported the industry since 1945.

Their vast knowledge, quality workmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction allows Ashman Repair Services Inc. to get the job done right.



   The main area of expertise for Ashman Repair Services Inc. is with on-site service to stationary shop machinery such as: lathes, bandsaws, drill presses, tablesaws, planers and jointers.  We are also very affluent in the repair of smaller power tools and shop equipment.


Our technicians have over 40 years of experience in the tool service industry.  We are very familiar with several manufacturers and will search out the unfamiliar to ensure your repair can be accommodated.

  Ashman Repair Services Inc.can also facilitate the acquisition of any needed tooling or machinery.  We can suggest the right machinery or tool for the application, as well as supply any accessories to compliment themachine.


Ashman Repair Services Inc. engages clients all across the Golden Horseshoe Region.  Our primary work is maintaining and supporting the different technology shops (wood, auto, machine) within School Boards throughout the region.  

School Boards included are:

Halton Catholic District School Board

Halton District School Board

Hamilton Wentworth District School Board

Hamilton Catholic District School Board

Peel District School Board

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

Upper Grand District School Board

Toronto Catholic District School Board

Conseil Scolaire Viamonde

MonAvenir Conseil Scolaire Catholique  

We are also very active in smaller equipment repairs, assisting in repairs more familiar with the hobbyiest, home handyman and various contractor tools.

Ashman Repair Services Inc. also works within the Ministry of Labour guidelines when it comes to maintaining safety standards in workplaces and workshops.

** for further information on safety work , please see the safety page **


We at Ashman Repair Services Inc. realize the importance of community and we pride ourselves in giving back through certain programs and clubs.    

   Ashman proudly sponsors the Halton Skills Competition - a yearly event that focuses efforts on the different technical abilities taught in schools.  The goal is to encourage and showcase the talent within the youth at the highschool level for a possible career in a trade field.  

  We further encourage and support local sports clubs (and/or) teams, having actively sponsored the Burlington Clash Football Club since 2015.  The Clash Football Club is a local football (or soccer) club that currently carries 4 teams through the Burlington Soccer League.   Ashman Repair Services also supports the Clash affiliated elite team in the OSL, the Burloak Titans FC.  Both clubs are actively involved in many community events with over 80 members between all teams sharing an interest in helping out and supporting the local and surrounding area, both on and off the field.   

Community Supported Events for 2021

Clash Titans FC - BSL Open Age Men's Soccer

Clash 3.0 - BSL Over-30 Age Men's Soccer

Burlington (Burloak) Titans FC - OSL Open Age Men's Soccer

(both Provincial West Division & Multi-Jurisdictional Division)

SHSM - Specialist High Skills Major Events

( both Hamilton School Board & Halton School Boards)